I’ll Be Better than Buhari, Others as President – Majek Fashek

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Nigerian singer, Majek Fashek could likely
compete with President Muhammadu Buhari,
Atiku Abubakar and others in the forthcoming
presidential election. Since his return to the Nigerian music space,
veteran reggae music maestro, Majekodunmi
Fasheke, popularly known as ‘Majek Fashek’,
seems to be hell bent on reclaiming his place
as the godfather on the music scene.
Little wonder in a recent exclusive chat with Showtime, he boldly condemned Buhari’s
government, boasting that he would be a
better president come 2019 when he vies for
the presidential seat.
“I will do better than our current people in
government; the Nigerian situation is very bad, the people are suffering, companies are
folding up; people are living like slaves in
Nigeria because the government has failed
us. Nigerian children should be taken care of,
not just by their parents but by the
government because they are the leaders of tomorrow. Education, healthcare and food
should be a priority. If government will
concentrate on that within a year or six
months, there will be transformation”, he
said. Speaking further, he lamented the
deplorable socio-economic condition of the nation.
“Nigerians are dying of hunger, our girls are
on the streets hustling, most girls are turning
to prostitution, and this is no joke. If your
family member is not a senator, house of
reps member, governor or president then you are facing the music. People are suffering,
including musicians and it is not good. So, if
the current people there don’t know what
they are doing I will be there soonest and put
the youth and right people in place to handle
situations because no Nigerian should be dying in Libya.”
For those who may be quick to say he is not fit
to steer the presidential ship of the nation,
he has answers for them. “Some may want to
say I’m not mentally okay, but I’m very okay
and medically fit, with a good message for Nigerians both in my music and intentions.” Related Posts


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