How I Felt When Shina Peter Grabbed My Body on Stage – Nigerian Singer, Tobey Grey

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Nigerian songstress, Toby Grey has
recounted the awkward momment when
legendary singer, Shina Peters touched her
body inappropriately. Born Tobiloba Mariam Adeyemi, delectable
singer, better known as Toby Grey is poised
to set a benchmark in her music career.
Besides talent, creativity and determination,
the pretty youngster is confident of her salt
as an entertainer with class and panache. In this interview with Star Tracker, she bares it
How have you been able to withstand the
industry’s pressure?
Truly it’s a lot of pressure because you have
to consider so many factors and being a female artiste, there are a lot of factors to
consider. From your hair, to your makeup, to
the kind of song you put out, to wanting to
stand out by doing something different so
that people can pay attention to you, it’s a lot
of pressure. The way I cope is knowing at the back of my mind that I just have to put in my
best regardless of the circumstances. But
just know that you are doing your best and
put in your best, don’t over-exhaust
yourself. That’s what I do. I don’t try to milk
myself too dry and I have nothing because at the end of the day, you still need to be able to
satisfy yourself as well as satisfying the
It is generally believed that artistes live for
their fans, how true is this?
It is not all artistes that live their lives for their fans, that is why in the industry some
artistes are considered rebels. Take Eminem
for instance. Eminem is someone that says
whatever is on his mind regardless of the
consequences, not caring what anybody says
at the end. So there are artistes that don’t care what people say and there are other
categories of artistes that have to put up a
front. Again, I’ll say it is the circumstances in
the industry because there are times when
you put out something that is original to you
and out of frustration that nobody is paying attention to you then you decide to do
something you think they would accept and
when they begin to pay you that attention,
you are like ‘okay let me continue’. So when
you keep giving them those kinds of materials
you are stuck, you can’t really go back to the real you.
If you get to a stage where people love you
already, regardless of what you do, then you
are lucky How would you describe your style
of music?
In the past I used to say expressive afro-pop but right now I’m not shy or scared to say I’m
still trying to discover the word to categorize
my style of music. I just know that I’m a
versatile artiste and I love music and I love
what I put out for my fans.
Aren’t you scared of being criticized for saying this?
As long as I know what I’m doing, I don’t think
about someone thinking that I don’t know what
I’m doing, that’s the most important thing
because the moment you start thinking about
that, you begin to show that you don’t know what you are doing. That’s not even on my
mind, it’s not a concern for me at all, and I’ll
just keep doing my music. It’s just the world,
there are no rules. If you keep following the
rules all the time, you’ll just be like everyone.
You’ll follow the band wagon and nothing stands you out. So if at the end of the day
they have something to say about me, then I’m
making waves.
Was there ever a time you felt like you
shouldn’t have gone into music? Yes, I’ve had
times when I really cried and told myself that maybe it is time I left the country and
probably get a 9-5 job or do 2-3 jobs and
just do something else or maybe stay in this
country but do something else apart from
music because it just seemed like it’s not for
me or it’s not working. Mind you, it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in myself, there are so
many factors around it. I mean you get so
overwhelmed with everything that is going on
and trying to process it, trying to soak it in
and you just breaks down.
What was it like working with 9ice and Skales on your latest song ‘Konibaje’? Working with
other artistes opens your eyes to see that
you are not the only one that does this thing
and then you learn different ways to do it
because at the end of the day, it’s not just
music, it is also a business. So, you have to learn so many things about it.
Working with them for me was very informing,
I learnt a lot. Many people think Skales is still
struggling to find his feet in the industry, do
you also agree?
If you look at where he started from, you will see that he is not in the same place. Every
single person that I met along the line has
progressed, where they started from is not
where they are. Some people are either by
the way, down below or up there. So, it’s just
how it is. People will keep advancing and I don’t want to say much about his career
because I’ve not really paid attention to his
career. So, even if people don’t feel like he
has blown, it doesn’t mean he’ll not get to
where those people think he isn’t.
Do you still plan on doing more French songs like you did on ‘Love Dosage’?
Yes, I do. I have plans to work with
francophone artistes because I’m planning on
expanding my fan base. I already have some
songs that I’ve done with francophone
artistes and I did a song recently titled ‘Applaudissez’. It’s partly English and partly
French and I did that to test the waters to
see how people will respond and it has
definitely gained some buzz. I can’t really wait
to share my French side with my French fans.
So I’m definitely doing more of French songs. Whenever you remember Shina Peters
grabbing your butt on stage three years ago,
what comes to your mind?
It’s in the past already. At that moment I felt
embarrassed no doubt, but I got over it
after that day. I still replayed the scenario in my head for about a week though because I
just couldn’t imagine that it happened to me,
but after that I totally forgot it because he
apologized the day it happened. I got over it
until everybody started to talk about it
again. Obviously something in my head went from green to red that day; it wasn’t a fun
experience so I can’t really say it had a
positive impact on how I feel about him.
You are in an industry with many successful
female artistes, which of them scares you?
Instead of something to scare me, I consider it a motivation. If I see a lion running towards
me to bite my head off, I don’t get scared, I
get motivated to find a way to kill that lion
before it gets to me instead. I prepare myself
in defense mode to attack not getting
scared because when I get scared, there is no way it would not attack me and harm me.
The only being, the Supreme Being that I fear
is God.
Is it true you did a cover of Kiss Daniel’s ‘woju’
to gain attention?
Doing a cover of a song is not such a big deal but I think mine was a big deal because many
people knew about it. I wouldn’t say I’m not
glad that I did that cover because it gave me
quite a lot of attention.
You seem to be so much in love with your
body, is that why you have so much sensual pictures online?
Most of the sensual pictures you see online
were wrong decisions from when I was much
younger in the industry and I had no clue of
what I was doing; everyone was doing a photo
shoot and I just wanted to do mine. I didn’t have an idea of how I wanted to look and I
placed everything in the hand of everyone
around me, even those that didn’t need to be
involved. So the decision was not solely mine. I
can’t defend it anymore because those
pictures are obviously mine; everyone is seeing me and not the people that put them
together. I don’t regret posting any of those
pictures because I learnt something from it
and I don’t regret any experience I learn
something from.
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